Hawaiian Plants

Hawaiian Plants

Early ancient Hawaiians felt that ones existence and over all health were one.

The word “ola” demonstrates this principle. Our body, minds and spirit are equally important to ones health and fitness, with mother nature herself providing the Hawaiian bud plant herbal remedies to enhance this unified approach to an enlightening lifestyle.

The prosperous plants from the Hawaiian Islands even now supply the means to get an all natural method to treating health issues.

Hawaiian Bud Plant Medicinal Uses

`Awa (Kava)

This is probably the most marked by controversy of Hawaiian bud plant growth on the islands, the ‘Awa (Kava) root is frequently linked to the drink produced from it. Historically and traditionally it has been used alternatively for alcoholic beverages, and creates a feeling of ecstasy or leisure. It is additionally used to manage sleeping disorders, muscle soreness and numerous lung complications.

Noni (Indian Mulberry)

Noni Indian Mulberry PlantWith all its components, the Noni plant has multiple uses. Before it matures, the fruit of the plant can be used to help treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and cuts if mixed with salt and applied. When the fruit it ripe it is often used as a cataplasm for different kinds of infected wounds and boils. Every part of this can be used to medicinal purposes, the bark and leaves will help with muscle and joint pain.

Kalo (Taro)

KALO2Also referred to as taro, Kalo is the most significant plant in the Hawaiian culture. This particular Hawaiian bud flower plant when raw is used to end bleeding when applied directly to the wound. The raw petiole section can alleviate the pain and swelling of an insect bite. Kalo also has many nourishment properties, the leaves can be used to treat asthma. When combined mixed with sugar cane juice, the root is believed to help acid reflux and constipation.


Ko (Sugar Cane)

Ko the sugar cane Hawaiian bud plant, was at some point in time a productive harvest on the islands of Hawaii. Although the sugar cane (Ko) crop fields have slowly decreased, the rest of the crops are still put to use among many because of their therapeutic worth. The other plants really benefit from Ko because the natural juice from the plant can be mixed with bitter tasting concoctions to sweeten and soften. Like the Noni Hawaiian bud plant the sugar cane plant can be used to help treat wounds when crushed.

`Uala (Sweet Potato)

Uala Hawaiian BudLast but not least the sweet potato plant is used to as a laxative. `Uala has been used for many generations to help cure illnesses. When mixed with Kalo and bark it will help you sleep. Ancient Hawaiians said that a nursing mother would wear these plants to help lactation.

Hawaiian Bud Plant Smokes

Seeing that these Hawaiian weed plants have many medicinal and relaxing features people around the world try smoking them. This allows them to feel all of the elements of Hawaii in a single puff. A famous Hawaiian hybrid you can smoke is A’hia Bud, this tropical and unique legal bud plant is made from only the best plants in Hawaii.